About Us


Feed the Microbes, Feed the soil, then feed the plants.

Langley Fertilizers is a strategic business unit of Sunpalm Australia Pty ltd, a major manufacturer and exporter of quality products related to nursery, horticulture, forestry, landscape, agriculture and garden industry.

The company is an Australian owned, family business.

Sunpalm Australia acquired the fertilizer division of Langley Australia Pty ltd in Nov 2007 and since then has focused on technical capabilities to develop and manufacture cost effective environmentally friendly products for our valued customers.

Langley Australia’s long history of technical innovation, its reputation for quality products have enabled Sunpalm Australia to maintain leadership in its markets while catering to the needs of growers by facilitating them with indigenous, effective and environmental friendly products.

Langley Fertilizers is now the leading producer and supplier of large range of environmental friendly Controlled Release Fertilizers and micronutrients in Australian and overseas markets. In particular the natural mineral and microbe based Troforte fertilisers have made a major contribution to saving Australian soils at a commercial level and even at home garden level.

The Troforte fertiliser range is a major Australian innovation which is changing the way commercial growers and home gardeners alike, look at plant nutrition and sustainable soil management.